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Price Book Auto Selector

Automatically assign Price Books to Opportunities


Automatically assign Price Books to Opportunities.

The package installs a custom field on the Account called Default Price Book. After installing the package, modify the picklist values on this field to match the names of your Price Books.

Set the appropriate picklist value for each Account. When a new Opportunity is created it will automatically inherit the Price Book specified in the Default Price Book for the Account.

Salespeople have the option to modify the Price Book on each Opportunity after it has been created. This allows for specific circumstances when a different Price Book needs to be used other than that specified in the Default Price Book for the Account.

If appropriate, use field level security to control the Profiles that can view and edit the Default Price Book on Accounts.

The Default Price Book field value can be updated on existing Accounts using the Apex Data Loader or List Views.

The Price Book will only be set automatically on Opportunities that are created after the package has been installed. Existing Opportunities will not be impacted.

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• Eliminate Price Book selection errors.

• Match Price Books to specific customers.

• Speed up Price Book selection for salespeople.

• Introduce market-specific price books with confidence.

• Control who can specify the Price Book for each Account.

• Simple and easy to implement and maintain.