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Product Selection Wizard

Product selection app makes it easy for salespeople to add Products to Opportunities in salesforce.

Make it fast and easy to add Products to Opportunities


The Product Selection app makes it quick and simple to add products to opportunities.

The visual interface gives a logical, easy way to find and add products. It significantly reduces the risk that products will be left off. Optional and complimentary products are easy to find and the total time spent adding products is much reduced.

All products are displayed in a tree structure on the left pane. Salespeople quickly enter key data such as quantity and price on the right. A running list of products added to the opportunity and the total price is maintained in the lower right.

A powerful search facility also makes it super-easy for salespeople to find products.

The tree hierarchy can easily be modified to one, two or three levels by the system administrator. Discount and Line Description fields can be removed from the right pane if appropriate.

Price: $250 per month for unlimited users


Items are displayed in a logical way in the product selection app for salesforce.


• Quick and easy way to find and add products to opportunities.

• Logical grouping of products makes it easy to find the right items.Full flexibility for administrators to tailor the wizard to suit your business.

• Speed up product selection, reduce errors associated with missing products and increase average deal size.

• Powerful search feature provides additional way to find products.

• Running total price of all products updates automatically.

• Full flexibility for administrators to tailor the product selection app to suit your business.

A powerful search facility in the product selection app gives an extra way for salespeople to find the right items in salesforce.

Make It Fast & Easy To Add Product To Opportunities Or Quotes

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