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Target Tracker

Track sales performance and pipeline versus target


Measure sales versus target or quota for individual reps, teams and the overall company.

The package automatically links opportunities to the relevant target in terms of Close Date and Opportunity Owner.

No additional effort is required by the sales person. If the Close Date or Opportunity Owner changes then the opportunity is automatically linked to the new relevant sales target.

The Won and Open opportunities that are contributing to target are clearly presented. This means managers can easily assess the strength of the pipeline against current and future targets.

Automated metrics and inline charts make it easy to determine whether there is sufficient pipeline to meet the sales target.

Rollup reports present performance versus target at team and company level. The inbuilt dashboard presents information in a highly visual way that makes it easy to compare performance versus target.

The inbuilt wizard makes it easy to create, edit and manage targets for each salesperson. By default the Target Tracker compares the Opportunity Amount field with the sales targets. However administrators can easily change this to use any custom field on the opportunity.

Price: $200 per month for unlimited users





• Track sales versus target / quota for individual sales reps and teams.

• Compare won and pipeline deals against sales target.

• Fully automated metrics, reports and visual performance graphics.


• Easy to assess whether there is sufficient pipeline to meet future targets.

• Enables proactive management of performance to achieve revenue targets.

• Customizable features for system administrators.

Track Sales Performance And Pipeline Versus Target

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