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Custom Product Schedules

Use custom product schedules to track revenue over time in salesforce.

Manage revenue over time with custom product schedules




• Super easy to create and adjust product schedules.

• Flexibility to create different custom product schedules for each line item.

• Compare committed and pipeline scheduled revenue over time to targets and quota.


• Flexibility to create both straight line and s-curve schedules.

• Schedules automatically shift when Close Date changes.

• Add other fields to the schedule (e.g. margin) without code.


• Easy to assess whether there is sufficient pipeline to meet future targets.

• Enables proactive management of performance to achieve revenue targets.

• Customizable features for system administrators.


The Custom Product Schedules app is the ideal way to track revenue over time in salesforce.


The app is significantly easier to use and far more flexible than the standard product schedule functionality.

Custom product schedules are quick and easy for salespeople to create. They can create, adjust and modify multiple schedules on the same opportunity from a single screen.

The timing of the custom product schedules automatically adjusts whenever the opportunity Close Date changes. This removes manual effort for salespeople. It also means that your revenue forecast stays in line with the opportunity sales cycle.

The custom product schedules link automatically to revenue targets. Track committed and pipeline scheduled revenue against short, medium and long-term sales targets.

The app includes flexibility to create straight-line and s-curve product schedules for different line items on the same opportunity. System administrators can easily add other fields, such as margin, to the custom product schedules.

A comprehensive dashboard gives full visibility of scheduled revenue over time. Clone reports and charts to adjust them to the specific needs of your business.

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Price: $4,500 one-off fee for unlimited users

Track Revenue Over Time With Custom Product Schedules

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Track Revenue Over Time Using Custom Product Schedules

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