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“Sally, I’ve been on so many sales leadership courses. They all claim to be different,” says Mike Pearce.

Mike is the National Sales Manager at Korbond Group.

“But apart from the first one, I’ve learned little from sales leadership courses during 27 years in sales!”

Last October I invited Mike to join us on one of our sales leadership pilot courses.

Sales leadership training from The Gary Smith Partnership?


It’s a new programme developed during 2017 with our training partner, Lead Change.

“Hang on,” continues Mike, “did you say it involves…Horses?”

“I have always considered myself more as a people person rather than an animal person, but throughout the day, it became apparent that leading a horse is just like leading people: you need to set a vision, be clear on objectives and engage effectively in order to get a great result.”

Sebastien Le Roux, VP – GlaxoSmithKline

At this point, I had to put my own influencing and sales leadership training skills to the test.

I explained to Mike the remarkable similarity between customers and prospects and horses.



It’s not just what you do, but how you do it.


Well, simply giving instructions to either doesn’t work. Both are sensitive to your energy and behaviour, moving away when feeling subject to pressure.

And both share an astonishing ability to read human body language and underlying intent.

On the other hand, when you communicate authentically, with self-belief, confidence and clarity of intent, horses and customers are remarkably responsive.

It’s not just what you do, but how you do it.  

Working with powerful intention delivers positive outcomes.

It’s all about taking part in a dynamic, group coaching experience that produces new customer leadership skills; skills that delegates can put into practice the next day.

Fortunately, my influencing skills worked. Mike agreed to join us for the sales leadership training course.

“Anyone who needs to influence, sell or lead a sales team should experience this unique training opportunity”

Steve Brown, Managing Director.  Europrojects

Here’s what happened:


Why is the equine experience so powerful?

Rosalie Millard-Evans is the MD at Lead Change and a Chartered Psychologist & Equine Facilitated Learning Coach.

The team have worked with companies around the world to achieve amazing results.  They’ve just returned from equine skills training with an international US company in Virginia.

Rosalie explains:

  • Real play, not role-play.

When we role-play, it’s hard to behave authentically in what is clearly not a ‘real-life’ situation.

Horses are authentic beings and interacting with them is for real.

A horse has a choice in the way it responds; so sales leaders the opportunity to test how well they create trust and connection.

  • Instant, honest feedback.

Horses are imposing creatures, each weighing around half a ton. Their size and physical presence magnifies the feedback they give.

Our workshops will take your sales leaders out of their comfort zone and will challenge them in unique ways; all in an environment where it is safe to experiment and try out different approaches.

  • Non-judgmental practice.

Demonstrate real leadership and horses will cooperate and follow; but they do not judge when we fail to lead.

Honest feedback without judgment is a rare commodity, one that brings deep insight to workshop participants and the confidence to try out their approach time and time again.


So at the end of the training day I asked Mike what he made of it all.

“….I’ve learnt nothing new in 27 years… but I had a breakthrough moment today and have a completely different experience and view.  I now know how to be a more effective sales manager from tomorrow. “  

And by the way, the Korbond Group are on target to achieve their best ever financial results at their year-end in June!

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