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4 Ways To Measure Revenue Against Sales Targets In Salesforce

Many executives get very frustrated, trying to measure sales versus target in Salesforce. Perhaps you're one of them. Like others, you may even have searched in vain for the Targets tab. (If you're still looking, stop now; it doesn't exist). Fortunately, if you want...

10 Powerful Closed Won Opportunity Reports For 2020

It is surprising how little effort often goes into measuring closed won deals. I guess that after all, what’s happened has happened. In most businesses, much more focus, energy and effort is directed towards the sales pipeline compared to won deals. But wait a moment....

4 Types Of Framework Agreement You Can Manage In Salesforce

Framework agreements exist in virtually every industry. They are the backbone of many commercial relationships. If you want a long-term relationship with a customer, get a framework agreement in place. So naturally, you want to manage framework agreements in...

3 Proven Ways To Boost Pipeline Quality You Can Start Today

  I’m often asked by sales managers:How do I measure AND improve the quality of the sales pipeline?It’s an ongoing challenge.Well:In this blog post I explain EXACTLY how to use salesforce to manage pipeline quality.Not only that.I tell you specifically where to...

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