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Getting Started With The GSP Sales Dashboard

Step 2: Enable Historical Trending The step applies only if you are installing the Enterprise Edition of the GSP Sales Dashboard. The Historical Trending feature must be enabled to install the dashboard successfully. If you get this error message when installing the...

Lead Conversion In Salesforce | 5 Proven Best Practices

I have seen many attempts to implement an effective lead conversion process in salesforce. Not all of them successful. That is putting it mildly. In fact, businesses often mangle their lead conversion process in salesforce. The result is: Reduced sales, because leads...

How To Plug A Leaking Sales Funnel In The Right Place

Everyone in sales has a leaking funnel. That’s the nature of the game. It is, after all, why the sales pipeline is typically displayed as a funnel. There are fewer deals at each successive stage in the sales process. If the funnel wasn’t leaking, you would win 100% of...

How And Why To Use Expected Revenue For Sales Forecasting

Not having an accurate revenue forecast is the bane of many sales managers’ lives.Gut feel just won’t cut it.Nor will a top-down percentage applied across all open opportunities.Moreover, executives often dismiss the Expected Revenue report in salesforce as irrelevant...

How To Compare Your Sales Funnel With Quota In Salesforce

Many managers that use salesforce are still not gaining the sales funnel insight they expected. In particular, they want to know much more about how the sales funnel compares with their quota. Sure, they've got salesforce dashboards set up. These give visibility of...

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