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CRM Implementation

We implement CRM systems including salesforce.com We are experts in implementing the salesforce CRM system.

We help our customers implement salesforce for the first time. And we work extensively with our existing customers to drive more value from their salesforce licenses.

Our certified salesforce.com implementation Consultants have the expertise to configure the application to your specific business needs. And our development team uses Visualforce and Apex code to create non-standard functionality and to integrate salesforce.com with other systems.

But we don’t just specialise in the technology. It’s all about delivering benefits. And for this reason our expertise extends into additional areas that are critical to benefit realisation.

Process re-design

When implementing salesforce you have the opportunity to re-design your existing processes. Make them more efficient, effective and customer oriented. We’ll help you achieve this. Read about re-designing sales and order management processes.

User adoption

If users don’t use the system then no matter how well salesforce has been configured, you’re not going to get the benefits. Achieving full user adoption isn’t a black art or something that happens by chance. Planning and proactive action is required. Start by reading our blog, “Do three things to achieve full user adoption” or examine the Case Study on how Fortis Investments reaped the benefits from 100% user adoption.

Reports and dashboards

Achieving visibility of sales performance and the sales pipeline is a fundamental reason why business buy salesforce licenses. Yet surprisingly, reports and dashboards are the most under-exploited area of salesforce in many organisations. It’s for this reason we’ve published extensively on this subject. Read, for example, “10 Charts that should be on your sales dashboard“, “When is a report not a report“, “3 charts to measure sales pipeline quality” and “The story of Dave Apthorp and why he’s the best and the worst sales person on the sales dashboard“.

Data quality and data migration

There’s few salesforce.com implementations that don’t require some degree of data migration. And there’s few organisations that don’t need to improve their data before importing it to salesforce.

Fortunately we’ve extensive experience in helping companies to organise, collate, improve and de-duplicate their data. Start by reading our blog, “How to prepare your data for import to salesforce.com” or download the Accounts and Contacts data migration template.

AppExchange products

We use 3rd party applications where appropriate to extend standard salesforce.com or address specific issues. These include DemandTools (data quality and de-duplication), DotMailer (mass email), Echosign (electronic signatures), Conga Composer (quote and document production) and InContact (cloud based telephony). For example read our blog on how GSP uses Echosign to understand how these applications can streamline processes by adding powerful new functionality.

Service Cloud

In addition to the Sales Cloud we have also extensively deployed the salesforce.com Service Cloud to help clients significantly increase the speed, quality and efficiency of customer service. This includes using the Community capabilities to create tight integration between organisations and their customers. The result is an embedded relationship from sales through to fulfilment and customer support. And that’s good for revenue.

Support Service

We have a comprehensive salesforce support service that helps you maintain the system and expand the benefits on a day to day basis. Read more about our support service.

What to do next

If your organisation already uses salesforce.com and:

  • You have some specific aspects you want to improve then get in touch and we’ll help you work out what needs to be done.
  • Or you suspect that you aren’t getting the full benefits but aren’t sure where to start then ask us to conduct a free health check. We’ll have a web-based meeting with you to understand more about your business and how you use salesforce. We’ll identify some clear opportunities to deliver more benefit from your licenses and talk to you about how to get started.

If you’ve just bought – or are about to buy – salesforce.com licenses and:

  • You want to understand if we can help you with the implementation process then get in touch. We’ll ask you about your business and the salesforce benefits you have in mind. We’ll help you put together a costed implementation plan.

Or if you’re thinking about buying a CRM system and want to understand whether salesforce.com is the right choice then:

  • Ask us to create a proof of concept for your business. We’ll want you to tell us about your business so that we can tailor the prototype that means something to the stakeholders in your organisation.

Alternatively simply read our Blog posts to find out more about how to deliver salesforce.com benefits and visit our Client page to discover who else we work with. And you’re welcome to join us at an event or listen in to a webinar to see us demo salesforce in action.