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Free GSP Sales Dashboard for SalesforceGSP Sales Dashboard Enterprise+

Free Salesforce Dashboard For Awesome Pipeline and Sales Performance Visibility.


Get the sales pipeline and revenue performance visibility that sales managers need from this free dashboard package. The
app contains the 12 must-have dashboard charts from our eBook, including the pipeline quality key metrics.

Downloaded 7,500+ times!

The Highlights:

- Expertly configured sales and pipeline dashboard.
- Metrics to assess the size, trend, and quality of your pipeline.
- All charts and reports fully customizable.


- Conduct pipeline reviews using meaningful information.
- Improve forecasting confidence and accuracy.
- Spot the critical deals that must close to hit your number.
- Identify the need for coaching and training interventions.
- Plan business development initiatives based on factual data.


- Twelve dashboard charts delivering sales and pipeline visibility.
- Well-structured underlying reports for each dashboard chart.
- Customizable to fit your team and company structure.
- Accompanying blog post and eBook with detailed advice.
- Downloaded over 7,500 by professional sales managers.

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  • Available now via the AppExchange.
GSP Sales Dashboard2

AppExchange Reviews

Five star review of the sales dashboard by Marc Marroquin

- Marc Marroquin, President, HEAD Acoustics Inc, Michigan, USA.

Easy to deploy and powerful!

"After downloading, we went from nothing to fully deployed, individual dashboards for each sales engineer."

Five star review of the sales dashboard by Philipp Mathis

- Philipp Mathis, VP Account Planning, FNZ (Appway AG, Zurich, Switzerland.

Essential for sales managers

"The reports and charts provided with the dashboard are critical and really show you what’s possible in Salesforce.”

Five star review of the sales dashboard by Greg Johnson

- Greg Johnson, President, RBR Global, Ottawa, Canada.

Superb dashboard!

"This has really opened our funnel to use and dramatically improved our forecasting and discipline in the sales team."

Five star review of the GSP Sales Dashboard by Derek Martin

- Derek Martin, Co-founder, Driver Defense Team, Illinois, USA.

Great way to increase your sales!

"We implemented these dashboards and trained our users. Simply giving this visibility has increased sales immediately."

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