Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke customization of GSP apps and Salesforce

We offer three levels of customization for GSP apps.

1. Fine-tuning GSP apps

When you buy a car, you adjust the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel height.

It's the same with our apps. They all contain parameters you can adjust to fine-tune the app to your business needs.

The knowledge base contains step-by-step instructions for making these adjustments with all our apps.

And, of course, you can ask for help at any point.

2. Bespoke changes to GSP apps

Sometimes, car owners don't want to keep the standard seat. Instead, a custom seat best meets their needs.

It's the same with our apps. We can adapt the base app to reflect your business processes or reporting needs.

The process is straightforward. Get in touch using the form to the right, and we'll arrange a web meeting to understand what you have in mind. Then, we'll make suggestions and recommendations, and discuss the time and costs with you.

3. Customer-specific apps

Many of our long-term customers started by buying one of our apps. Yet we continue to work with them years later.

That's becasue we have expert knowledge of sales processes and how to adapt Salesforce to meet the needs of sales and marketing teams. In other words, we know how to get Salesforce working in a way that drives revenue.

Get in touch today to find out more.