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Product selection app makes it easy to add products and bundles to opportunities in Salesforce Product Selection Wizard

A quick and easy way for salespeople to add products and bundles to opportunities.


Salespeople find it hard to find the right products to add to opportunities with standard Salesforce functionality. And there’s no
product bundle feature. The Product Selection Wizard solves those problems at a fraction of the cost of CPQ.

The Highlights:

- Products and bundles are presented in a logical tree structure.
- Makes it quick and easy to add the right products to opportunities.
- Customizable to reflect your product structure and custom fields.


- Streamlines the user interface and sales process for salespeople.
- Reduces the risk that essential products are left off opportunities.
- Bundles enable multiple products to be added simultaneously.
- Easy to maintain and customizable to specific business needs.
- Radically cheaper, easier, and quicker to deploy than CPQ systems.


- Products are displayed in a logical tree structure for salespeople.
- Dynamic search further enhances the ability to find products.
- Bundle wizard lets administrators create groups of products.
- Product-display tree structure can be easily modified.
- Compatible with multi-currency and multi-price book Salesforce orgs.

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$350 per company
  • Available now via the AppExchange using a credit card.


$4,050 per company
  • Available direct from GSP with payment upon invoice. Get in touch for further details.

3 Yearly

$12,000 per company
  • Available through invoice via GSP directly. Get in touch for further details.
GSP Product Wizard

AppExchange Reviews

A five star review of the product selection app by Kristina Vernik

- Kristina Vernik, CRM Manager, Salish Sea Expeditions, Washington, USA.

Makes Opportunity Products a synch!

This Product Selection Wizard was EXACTLY what I needed to take the project over the hump. It is simple, intuitive and compact. And the customer response at GSP is spot on. I'm very pleased. And very relieved!

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