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GSP Target Tracker app

Target Tracker

Track sales and pipeline coverage versus target for reps and teams.


Delivers the missing Target tab in Salesforce. This app is perfect for tracking performance versus quota at the team and salesperson level. It's fully automated, with no extra work for reps, and includes highly visual pipeline coverage and quota gap indicators.

The Highlights:

- Compare won revenue and pipeline coverage against sales targets.
- Monthly, quarterly, and annual quotas for teams and reps.
- Highly visual target metrics with zero extra effort for salespeople.


- Always know whether you are likely to hit your number.
- Drive sales tactics based on pipeline coverage versus target.
- Identify coaching and training needs based upon target attainment.
- Significantly improve forecasting accuracy and confidence.
- Improve Salesforce adoption and eliminate manual spreadsheets.


- Set targets at monthly, quarterly, and annual intervals.
- Define different ‘types’ of target e.g. new logo vs existing logo.
- Create targets for teams and individuals.
- Fully automated, salespeople take no additional steps.
- Comprehensive reports and dashboards for full target visibility.

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$500 per company
  • Available now via the AppExchange using a credit card.


$5,750 per company
  • Available direct from GSP with payment upon invoice. Get in touch for further details.

3 Yearly

$16,500 per company
  • Available direct from GSP with payment upon invoice. Get in touch for further details.
GSP Target Tracker

AppExchange Reviews

Five star review of the target tracker by Alisa Skultety

- Alisa Skultety, CRM Administrator, LandrumHR, Florida, USA

Great tool and superior support!

I'm always worried about applying an out of-the-box solution due to the complexity of our org, but the team at GSP went out of their way to customize the tracker to our needs. Since the tracker works using existing opp data, we had usable metrics immediately. Intuitive and easy to implement. Great value! Highly recommend!

Five star review of the target tracker by Ali French

- Ali French, Manager Global Revenue Operations, HG Insights, California, USA

Great product, great people to work with

We bought this solution to track bookings vs goals at salesperson, team, and company level. Although our use case was slightly outside of what the tool was made for, the GSP team took the time to chat with us, hear our use case, and set it up in our sandbox to see if it worked. It did and we are delighted with the Target Tracker.

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