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How Products Bring Salesforce Opportunities To Life (2019)

This blog post explains step-by-step the essential things you need to know about using products on Opportunities in Salesforce. If you're not sure exactly how price books work, then I explain that too. Why is that important? Because using products and price books on...

How To Add Products To Opportunities The Easy Way (2019)

Many salespeople get frustrated when they try to add products to opportunities in Salesforce. The reason is that it's cumbersome to find the right products. That's true in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning. For example, the Recent Products list gets in the way in...

10 Powerful Closed Won Opportunity Reports For 2019

It is surprising how little effort often goes into measuring closed won deals. I guess that after all, what’s happened has happened. In most businesses, much more focus, energy and effort is directed towards the sales pipeline compared to won deals. But wait a moment....

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