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10 Tips to Help You Roll out Salesforce Chatter

salesforce.com Chatter is a great tool for collaborating with colleagues and making working life more efficient, effective and enjoyable. But there's more to successful Chatter roll out than simply switching it on. Here's our 10 tips for successful Chatter roll-out...

Managing Proposal Approvals – the Kentech way

Creating an RFP response is a big deal for Kentech. Even if it’s a small deal - two weeks of solid work is a minimum. So having a controlled processes to decide which projects to bid for is a critical driver of profitable business acquisition. And as an existing...

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Salesforce Chatter

We're big users of salesforce Chatter and now we take it for granted as a way of working. But a customer asked me this week, "Why should I use Chatter? What are the benefits?" I gave him 5 reasons to use salesforce Chatter. Here they are. 1. Chatter is a far more...

How to Use Product Selection Wizard for Mascolo

A common problem for manufacturing and distribution companies that use salesforce.com is that the standard product selection functionality doesn’t easily allow sales people to quickly add multiple product line items.  This is particularly a problem if there are other...

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