Subscription Manager

Manage subscription products in Salesforce and track recurring revenue.


This powerful app delivers all the features needed to manage your subscription business in Salesforce. Use this app to drive recurring revenue, minimize churn, and track detailed MRR and ARR metrics.

The Highlights:

- Comprehensive subscription management application.
- Complete visibility of advanced recurring revenue metrics.
- Designed with your revenue growth and customer retention in mind.


- Boost cross-selling and upselling revenue during renewal.
- Minimize churn through proactive renewal processes.
- Eliminate volume pricing spreadsheets and improve pricing control.
- Drive opportunity revenue using product bundles and groups.
- Boost salesperson productivity through a streamlined interface.
- Get powerful insight into the essential recurring revenue metrics.


- Proactive renewal processes are customizable to your business.
- Renewal and evergreen products are fully supported.
- Build per-user and time-period style product pricing models.
- Integrated volume pricing using bands, tiers, and increments.
- Product bundles and groups are fully supported.
- Advanced MRR metrics with comprehensive reporting.



$2000 per company
  • Available now via the AppExchange using a credit card.


$23,000 per company
  • Available direct from GSP with payment upon invoice. Get in touch for further details.

3 Yearly

$34,000 per company
  • Available direct from GSP with payment upon invoice. Get in touch for further details.

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