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It’s true. For a sales person, to add Products to Opportunities in Salesforce can be a bind.

It’s even more of a hassle if your sales people have a lot of products to select from. Let’s face it, it’s not the most user-friendly piece of functionality Salesforce have ever invented.

But the fact is, if you’re using Salesforce.com to manage your pipeline, then you almost certainly should be adding Products to Opportunities. And that’s true even if your products are services and not tangible items.

At the very least, the result of not adding Products to Opportunities is reduced management visibility of the sales pipeline. And it’s difficult to streamline the sales process by generating quotes and proposals directly from Salesforce.com if products are not attached to opportunities. It probably means you can’t use electronic signature applications such as Echosign or Docusign to make it even easier for customers to buy.

Not adding products to opportunities also rules out a whole batch of downstream process improvements. This includes the automated creation of customer assets together with streamlined fulfilment, delivery and installation processes.

So what can you do about it?

The answer is a product selection wizard.

Standard product selection in Salesforce

You’re probably already familiar with the standard way to add Products to Opportunities in Salesforce. Here’s a recap.

The sales person clicks the Add Products button on the Opportunity….

Button add products to opportunity

…and is taken to the Product Selection page.

Standard salesforce page used to select products and add them to an opportunity

In the example above, there are 550 Products in total in Salesforce, which means the full product set spreads over a total of 11 pages. It’s possible to filter and sort the columns, but nevertheless, it’s still not particularly easy to add the right products to the opportunity.

Add Products To Opportunities Quickly and Easily

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Salesforce product selection wizard

Here’s an alternative. This time, when the sales person clicks Add Products, he’s presented with a high level selection of the Product Families.

Product selection page after clicking add button

Expanding a section shows all the products within each Sub Product Family.

Product selection wizard shows products with families

The sales person can now begin selecting products. The Quantity and Discount are entered in the pane on the right.

Select the first product to be added to the opportunity

As more products are added, the bottom right pane shows the running total value of the Opportunity and the list of products that have been selected.

Add multiple products to the opportunity

Click Finish, and the Products are now added to the Opportunity in the normal way. Clicking the Add Products button again re-opens the product selection wizard so that other products can be added to the opportunity.

Save the full set of products that have been added to the opportunity

The product selection wizard used by many companies makes it relatively easy for sales people to add products to an opportunity. It means managers get a significant improvement in their visibility of the sales pipeline and sales performance. And it opens the door to significant process improvements in quote and proposal production, delivery, fulfilment and customer service.

So adding Products to Opportunities is no longer a hassle! And remember, using Products is the gateway to other benefits including improved pipeline visibility and streamlined business processes.

Want a demo? Just get in touch to find out to implement the product selection wizard or to find out how it can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your business.

More about Products

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Quickly Add Product Bundles To Opportunities

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