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Many salespeople get frustrated when they try to add products to opportunities in Salesforce.

The reason is that it’s cumbersome to find the right products.

That’s true in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

For example, the Recent Products list gets in the way in Salesforce Lightning.

There’s no logical grouping of items.

Also, you’re sometimes scrolling through many pages.

The result?

Instead of being added to the opportunity, essential products often get missed off.

When this happens:

  • The average size of deals is smaller.
  • Pipeline reports and dashboard charts are less accurate, and
  • User adoption suffers and frustration grows.

Whatsmore, failing to add the right products to opportunities is a non-starter if your business relies upon these for customer quotation and fulfillment processes.

How To Make It Easy To Add Products To Opportunities

Many companies turn to a CPQ system.

That’s a viable solution.

Especially as it can guide users through a path that helps salespeople choose multiple related products.

You’ll need deep pockets, however.

There’s also, of course, a significant implementation effort and timescale.


In most companies, salespeople KNOW what products they must to add to opportunities. What’s needed is a simple, helpful way to do it.

Consequently, if you need a powerful, affordable and intuitive way to make it easy to add products to opportunities in Salesforce, then you’ll likely love the GSP Product Selection Wizard.

Robby Johnson, Senior Business Analyst at Charlotte-based Ellison Technologies does:

“The Wizard makes it super-easy for our salespeople to add products to opportunities. That saves time and means we have accurate deal values and pipeline reports. It’s really helped to drive Salesforce user adoption across the company”.

GSP Product Selection Wizard Overview

Here’s a summary of the Product Selection Wizard main features:
– Dead-simple to find the right products to add to an opportunity.
– Products display in logical groupings.
– Customizable product layout.
– Intelligent product search function.
– Easy to add packages and product bundles to opportunities.

The Product Selection Wizard costs $199 per month (USD). No user-based fees. No implementation cost.


Add Products To Opportunities Quickly and Easily

Download the App from the AppExchange today

Make It Easy To Add Products To Opportunities

The wizard makes it MUCH quicker and more straightforward for salespeople to add products to opportunities in Salesforce. That’s compared to standard functionality.

It means you can be confident about getting the RIGHT set of products onto the opportunity.

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say we want to add products to Opportunities in Lightning.

Start by clicking on the Product Wizard button.

This opens the Product Wizard.

Products Groupings

The Wizard groups products logically:

Click the ‘+’ alongside the group to open it up and see the products.

In this example, we are grouping items by Product Family. However, if necessary, you can easily change that to use other picklist values.

For instance, here we have a custom field on the Product called ‘Type.’

In other words, in addition to Product Family, we categorize each product as Install, Maintain or Monitor.

In a few simple steps described fully here, you can easily add this field to the product grouping tree structure.

That means you have the flexibility to organize products in Salesforce Lightning or Classic the way that suits your business.

Search for products

The tree on the left side of the Wizard makes it easy to find products.

However, there’s also an intelligent search function to help salespeople locate products. Here’s the Salesforce Lightning product search:

Demonstration of the intelligent search function to help salespeople find products to add to opportunities.

In short, the Product Selection Wizard is THE easy way to find the right items to add to opportunities in Salesforce.

Enter product details

When a salesperson selects a product, it appears in the top-right pane.

Quantity and Sales Price fields are entered.

However, you can easily add other fields to the pane.

For example, let’s say we also want to show two fields: List Price and a custom field called Color.

We want salespeople to see the List Price (read-only) and enter the Color when adding products to opportunities in Salesforce.

In a few simple clicks, you can make this happen:

Again, the detailed step-by-step instructions are in our setup guide.

Products running total

The list of products added to the opportunity builds up in the bottom right corner.

The total running amount also updates dynamically. Consequently, salespeople have an easy-to-see overview of all the products on the opportunity before they hit Save.

Add Product Bundles to Opportunities

A product bundle is a collection or package of multiple items. Price the product bundle at either the sum of the total individual items; or at a discounted amount.

Sometimes product bundles are groups of items sold together for technical reasons. Other times, they represent promotional groupings, that provide the customer with a purchasing incentive.

You can create both in the Product Wizard.

Here’s the easy way for salespeople to add product bundles to opportunities:

Salespeople can see the products within the package on the left. The bottom-right table shows the bundle and its products added to the opportunity.

How To Build Product Bundles in Salesforce

The GSP Product Wizard includes an integrated bundle-builder. This feature means you can quickly and easily create packages of multiple products.

The ‘Use Rollup Price’ button automatically sets the bundle price as the same as the sum of the individual products. 

Alternatively, you can easily set a custom price for the product bundle. In other words, offer a discount for buying the collection of products.

Next Steps

We believe the GSP Product Wizard is the easiest way for salespeople to add products to opportunities in Salesforce Classic or Lightning.

It’s quick and straightforward to implement. Install it from the AppExchange and add the Product Wizard button to the opportunity page layout.

Take it for a trial today.

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