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It’s tough to go back to the customer with an increased price after important products were first missed off an opportunity.

It’s frustrating when sales people forget to add complimentary products that would increase the overall deal size.

And it’s costly when an engineer can’t complete an installation because items were accidentally left off the quote.

These are all tell-tale signs you need a product selection wizard.

Here’s the problem. If your business uses products in salesforce – and you almost certainly should be – then it’s easy to accidentally leave products off an opportunity.

Partly that’s because of the way in which products are added to an opportunity or a quote in salesforce. It’s not particularly user-friendly. That’s especially the case if you have a lot of products. Sales people have to manually hunt for the various products they need to add.

And that results in human errors.

One way to solve the product selection problem is by using a CPQ application. That’s a “configure, price, quote” system. They’re very powerful. But they come with a price. And you need a significant implementation project to deploy them effectively.

The other option is to simplify things. Do same as many of our customers. Use a product selection wizard.

Product selection wizard for salesforce

The video lower down this article shows how the product selection wizard makes it easy to add products to a salesforce opportunity or quote.

Product selection wizard in action showing the various features.

  1. Tree structure. The product families (or custom field categorisation of products if you prefer) are presented to the sales person.
  2. Expandable sections. Each section can be expanded within the product wizard to reveal the individual products.
  3. Quantity and discount. The quantity of products, discount and any line item description can be added.
  4. Running total. The list of products, line item prices and total running price are presented to the sales person and updated in real time. This means the sales person can easily work towards a ‘target total price’ by adding or removing certain products.

When the sales person clicks ‘Save’ the products are added to the opportunity in the normal way.

If the sales person subsequently clicks on the product selection wizard then the items that have been previously selected are presented to the user.

This means the collection of products can be revised as the customer requirements emerge or evolve.

The product selection wizard works equally on both opportunities and quotes.

Product Selector by GSP

Make it much easier for salespeople to add
products and bundles to opportunities.

Product bundle wizard for salesforce

Very similar to the product selection wizard, the bundle selection wizard allows sales people to add a collection of products to an opportunity or quote.

Product bundle allows multiple products to be added to the opportunity at the same time.

The product bundle is defined by a system administrator or product manager. When the sales person selects the bundle, all products in the bundle are added to the opportunity.

The sales person can amend or edit the price and quantity within the concept of the product bundle.

Product selection wizard and product bundles demonstrated

Product Selection Wizard and Product Bundles in salesforce

Arrange a customized salesforce product wizard demo

Learn how companies such as Mascolo use the product selection wizard. Simply get in touch and we’ll arrange a short customized demo specific to your business.

Sales Dashboard by GSP

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